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Save Derpy

Save DerpyMusic: youtube/watch?v=9CzcOcBb_ms Original dialogue: youtube/watch?&v=aK_L5kTIiXs.

Salva a Derpy (Save Derpy subtitulado al espaol)

Salva a Derpy (Save Derpy subtitulado al espaol)Visita savederpy/ para informarte deo ayudar Link directo a firmar la peticion: ...

Спаси Дерпи Save Derpy

Спаси Дерпи Save Derpy(Озвучка от CRYSHL) Подпиши петицию, чтобы спасти Дерпи, будь брони: change.org/petitions/hasbro-studiosthe-hub-return-derpys-scene-in-.


Save Derpy (LEGENDADO PT BR)Caso a legenda no aparea, clique no CC. Gente, no sei se ficaram sabendo, mas no episodio 14 da segunda temporada de MLP FiM, Derpy Hooves (Que ...

Save Derpy

Save DerpyThis is my Save Derpy video Shes my favorite background character in the series, and I dont want them to change anything about her SAVE DERPY

Save Derpy

Save DerpyMaybe some say the train has allready left But i still fight for Derpy This video was inspired xD by (A video which was much more better than this crap

Save Derpy (italian dub)

Save Derpy (italian dub)XXXLEGGIMIXXX che dire, stavo per mettermi a piangere veramente quando ho dovuto doppiare lultima parte... spero cheunque vi piaccia... video ...

Alex Side react:Derpy Po Py Po and Save Derpy

Alex Side react:Derpy Po Py Po and Save Derpyi dont own the video Derpy Po Py Po made by ObisamAnimations and Save Derpy made by Alligator Tub Productions.


SAVE DERPY HOOVESDerpy was a very nice friend.......not untill hasbro wanted to remove derpy so i think if we keep doing more videos we can save derpy from being deleted forever

The Armoured Brony Blind React Save Derpy

The Armoured Brony Blind React Save DerpyWARNING This will hit you right in the feelings. There are no words for this, a must watch animation, i cant believe i have never seen this before. Clip Used ...

MLP: Save Derpy (Blind Commentary)

MLP: Save Derpy (Blind Commentary)Why? This is a really sad day ;( Intro music: youtube/watch?v=IIrCDAV3EgI Drop a like if you enjoyed, and fell free to drop a sub if you havent ...

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save derpy

Save Derpy Реакция Reaction

Спаси Дерпи

Спаси дерпи ( чит. Опис.)